"To educate, enlighten and empower students, teachers and parents in the local communities.".

AEP is here for the benefit, not of just the schools and students, for which we will provide a service second to none, but for the whole community where the school is located. Everybody in the community; from parents in homes to patients in the hospitals, farmers in the gardens to artisans in the workshops, all will find our program to be a very useful tool.

The schools, will get a FREE web site, where vital information about the school will be told to the whole wide world. Once on our web site, all one has to do is enter the school's name and country on our search engine, and is led to its web pages. Every African school will have a web page! Other services, bronze, silver and gold for those able to pay for them.

The Head teacher will get a number of email addresses, which he can use as he/she sees fit for the school's and community needs.

 Through the school and its Parent and Teacher Association (PTA), plus the alumnus (Old Boys and old Girls clubs) which will get separate email addresses, we will reach out to the local community. We have educational programs and projects that can be taught to adults in the community in the evenings after school time. Using our expertise, we will help in very practical means to educate, provide and promote entrepreneur activities for the community. This we will do to make needed improvements to the school and the community!